General Features

Becker Kurig & Partner is an intellectual property law firm including German and European patent and trademark attorneys as well as Attorneys-at-Law having wide experience in the prosecution and litigation of patents, utility models, trademarks, design protection and correlating legal domains including copyright, internet and software related areas. Our intellectual property law firm attends both to German as well as foreign enterprises, combines, groups, and individual inventors in all fields of technology, mainly in telecommunications, biotechnology, electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry.

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The partners and staff members are organised strictly according to the principles of lean management, which enables us to provide professional services that satisfy even the highest expectations, just as well as a secure administration of intellectual property rights, both at reasonable prices.

Our intellectual property law firm, situated in Munich, close to the European and German Patent Offices, is managed by Dr. Becker and Dr. Kurig, has two more patent attorneys as associates, an Attorney-at-Law and an experienced staff assisting the partners and the associates.